The Calvary Home Cottages 


The first Calvary Home Cottage, Carter Cottage, was completed in 2002. Named in memory of Stephanie Carter, a child who died due to horrific child abuse, this cottage first allowed Calvary Home to begin caring for children who had experienced abuse and/or neglect. 

The second Calvary Home Cottage, The White Family Cottage, was opened in 2006. This cottage was named in honor of a sibling group, the White Family, who needed and received incredible foster parents. Opening the White Family Cottage allowed Calvary Home to double the number of children Calvary Home served on its campus. 

The third Calvary Home cottage, Mazzara Cottage, began receiving children in 2017. This cottage was named in memory of Leslie Mazzara, a champion for child abuse and neglect awareness in the Upstate. 


Meet Our Houseparents 

Each cottage is staffed by a full-time set of houseparents who live in the cottage and care for the children placed in their care. Each houseparent couple enriches our campus through their own unique parenting style and family culture. Houseparents are the true champions of Calvary Home, as they seek to care for the physical, academic, emotional, and spiritual needs of each and every child who comes through their door. On average, houseparents care for 5-8 children in their home at one time.  Each cottage is specially equipped to provide the space and tools to care for a larger-than-average family. If you would like to schedule a tour, contact Laura Lindsley at or call the office at 864-296-5437.

Eugene & Sallie Parker

Rick & Peggy Webb

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Jim & Raylene Gano