The Foster Family Community 

Why build a Foster Family Community? 

  1. Many foster parents have the heart capacity to care for more children, but don't have the home capacity. The homes in the Foster Family Community are built specifically to accommodate the needs of family who would like to care for more children in foster care.

  2. Many foster parents feel alone in the day to day challenges of foster care, which leads to isolation and burnout.  By living in community with other foster families, the goal is to increase retention and ultimately the number homes available for children in need. 

How long do children stay? 

     The time children stay in the foster homes varies greatly from case to case. Children can stay for as short of a time as a weekend, and as long as several years. 

 How do the children get placed? 

     Children are placed in the Foster Family Community through the individual foster family's child placing agency they are licensed to foster through. 

Are there plans to build any more homes in the Foster Family Community? 

      The goal is to build 3-4 homes in the Foster Family Community in phases over the next 10-15 years. 

How do I learn more? 


      Contact Community Development Director, Laura Lindsley at or by calling 864-296-5437. 



Benefits of the Foster Family Community

Encouragement, experience, advice, and support are just a step out the front door.