Be an Advocate

Spread awareness for children in need.


Come Visit Campus 

Learn all about Calvary Home and the current needs for children in foster care by coming to our campus. You can see our vision for Calvary Home, along with touring a cottage and meeting foster parents. Schedule a visit with Laura today! 

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Group Lecture

Invite Calvary to Your Church

Help raise awareness by having a Calvary Home staff member come speak about foster care and Calvary Home at your church or small group. Learn how you and your church community can give back to children in need on our campus and care for foster families in Anderson County.

Become a Gaurdian Ad Litum

Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman

Speak for children in foster care through the court system. A Gaurdian Ad Litum works alongside DSS, foster parents, and biological families to get to know the children and represent their best interests before the court. Find out more at