Earning Investor's Trust

It’s happened to all of us. A family member asks, yet again, for more money. A community corporation is bought out and all its jobs are moved across the border. The retirement fund tanks. An organization we’ve trusted mishandles its finances. With every challenging occurrence comes the daunting question, “Do I really trust where I am investing?”

That same question applies to the work of Calvary Home for Children. Every gift of money, time, and resources is an investment into the children’s lives and their long-term stability. And, the stewardship of these gifts is incredibly important.

Over the past several months, the Board of Directors and staff have made significant progress in reducing our overhead ex- penses. Here are some of our accomplishments and plans:

• Our office is located in a duplex that we own and is adjacent to our campus. We’re not renting office space as we eagerly anticipate the completion of an administration building.

• We have disconnected four business phone lines that had been required to monitor our cottages’ security systems. Thanks to our friends at American Eagle, along with Rob Wright and Tim Seel, we can now monitor the systems through cellular technology and the internet, thus saving hundreds of dollars each month.

• We have locked two unused irrigation lines that were costing us every month.

• We have reduced our staff positions and staff hours to be more efficient. We will be relying on our outstanding vol- unteers even more in 2010.

• We have dropped our pest control service and will take care of this in house.

• We have secured local talent to build industrial twin beds for our third cottage rather than purchasing retail. We’re gaining two more beds for the same amount of money.

• With the volunteer aid of Steve Bathe (an operations and project management specialist), we are currently working on a comprehensive business plan for 2010 that will offer stability, help minimize risks, and enable us, by God’s grace, to reach the needed $38,000 a month to sustain two cottages and 24 children.

• Board Member Dexter Williams continues to secure donated construction materials and labor to finish our third cottage, administration building and picnic shelter. His next big project is concrete for the driveway and sidewalk.

• Jerry Chapman, our Director of Development and Community Relations, has a broad plan with specific goals

for marketing, fundraising and building community relationships.

• We are continuing to grow and secure partnerships with local businesses, community groups, and churches who are excited about being a part of the work of Calvary Home.

Each of these endeavors is an example of why you can trust your investment in the children of Calvary Home. Remember: your investment is for the children. It’s for their hot water. It’s for their new pair of shoes. It’s for their daily bread. It’s for them to have what they didn’t have before: a loving dad and mom who prays for them, teaches them, disciplines them, encourages them, laughs with them, cries with them, and constantly challenges them to live transformed by the Gospel.

We are incredibly thankful for the many people who support the life-changing work of Calvary Home. If I can answer any questions for you or show you around our beautiful campus, please call the office. YOU are making a difference in the lives of the children both now and into eternity!