Life Lessons

Two weeks ago, our kids made an exciting discovery. They found three baby bunnies in the woods behind the White Cottage. Unfortunately, they also found that the mama rabbit had died.

After a day of worrying about the bunnies, the kids convinced their house dad, Chris, to rescue the helpless and homeless rabbits. But Chris saw an even greater opportunity: He wanted to show the kids grace in action.

So, Chris loaded the kids in the van and took them to the pet store where they purchased goat’s milk and a dropper. Once back on campus, they made a safe home for the bunnies. They fed them, played with them, protected them, and loved them. They became rescuers to three little creatures who had no one else to care for them.

Isn’t that a great picture of the ministry of Calvary Home? God enables us to rescue boys and girls who don’t have anyone else to take care of them. We feed them, teach them, protect them, and love them. And most importantly, we have the privilege of showing them the way to a new life in Christ.

We see God at work at Calvary Home in great ways. A few months ago, a man called the office and said, “This is Frank Matthews from Christ Community Church in Gainesville, Florida. I am the Associate Pastor and we are interested in . . .” As he kept talking, all I could think was, “Frank Matthews. Frank Matthews. How do I know a Frank Matthews?”

After a few minutes, I rudely interrupted him and said, “Frank, did you grow up in Clemson?” He hesitantly replied, “Yes. How did you know that?” “We grew up together,” I said. “Your dad was my pastor and we went to soccer camp together one summer.” We laughed as we realized our connection from many years ago. What a small world!

Frank and his group of 25 hard working students and adults spent almost a week in April on our campus. They are one of the many groups who have recently volunteered their labors. These groups have completed projects such as painting two garages, purchasing and spreading mulch, hanging sheet-rock in a storage room, pressure washing patios and walkways, cleaning windows and front porches, painting exterior trim, transplanting shrubs, clearing creek brush, and burying drainage pipes.

We have more groups scheduled in the next few months who will do things like planting a vegetable garden, super-scrubbing bathrooms, tuning up bikes, building picnic tables, and roofing the pavilion. Volunteer work groups are a HUGE blessing to Calvary Home. If you would like to bring a group to campus, please let me know.

Financially, 2010 is off to a strong start. Contributions are increasing as more and more people hear about and catch the vision of Calvary Home. As donations continue to grow, we will be able to open an additional cottage and provide safe, loving, and nurturing homes for even more children.

We thank God for His provisions. And, we thank you, our generous supporters. Your sacrifices for the children enable us to provide a financially stable, emotionally uplifting, and spiritually enriching environment for each of the children who call Calvary Home their home.

Finally, please don’t miss our Open House on May 16. We look forward to seeing you then!