Carter Cottage Reopens!

The Calvary Home Board of Directors has unanimously and whole-heartedly determined to open the Stephanie Carter Cottage on May 1, 2011. This decision was based on the strong community support that we have received over the past year. In May 2010 CHC began a campaign titled “Open Hearts, Open Home.” The goal of this fund drive was to raise $75,000 to provide a safe and loving home for 12 children for one year.

Through the help of a generous matching grant, committed individuals, loving churches, dedicated businesses and charitable organizations, we have received more than $70,000 toward our goal.

Thank you, dear friends of Calvary Home, for your faithfulness to the children who will call Calvary Home their home for years to come. But our work is not done.

We must continue on a strong and stable financial path for the children. We need to raise $75,000 in operating cost per cottage per year. Tell your friends, your church, your business, and your civic organization about the life-changing work of Calvary Home and get them involved!

About the Cottage

The cottage is named after Stephanie Nicole Carter. On Oct. 17, 2000, Stephanie died at a Greenville hospital, three days after being admitted virtually brain-dead. The Anderson County child died from a blow to the head, according to court records, but her small body bore the marks of beatings and cigarette burns, investigators said.

Stephanie did not die at the hands of some stranger. She died from the actions of the two people she had every right to assume would care for her, love her and help her grow to adulthood.

In honor of Stephanie, Calvary Home strives to provide a loving, safe home for children who don’t have one.