A Big Week

There are times in our lives when the Lord just brings us an amazing week. For Calvary Home, July 24-30 was that week. It started out on Sunday with nursery duty. Yes, even the “right reverend” gets the opportunity to serve in the church nursery every once in a while. And what a blessing to care for our youngest Calvary Home Kids (and their friends)! Emily loved the Play-Doh. Eric loved the trucks. Holly just loved being held (with a side of dress-up of course)!

On Monday the staff and many volunteers celebrated three of our children being placed into an adoptive family. Amid the hugs, best wishes, and prayers for success in their new home, there were many tears. Each day we have with our children is priceless.

Monday continued with the beginning of CEF’s week-long Good News Club on campus. We had four incredible CEF leaders who loved the kids, did crafts, sang songs, and taught insightful Bible stories. Our on-campus missionary, Denice Cope, was such a help in coordinating this for the kids.

Monday ended with Calvary Home receiving three new children . . . all under the age of five. Now that was a Monday!

Tuesday started out with a spirited staff meeting. During our staff meetings we discuss upcoming events, concerns, successes, stories, and we pray fervently for our daily bread, each other, you, and the children. Later in the day, we received a generous supply of Beanie Babies, paper goods, canned foods, diapers, and cleaning supplies. Daily bread met.

Wednesday was our relicensing day. Every two years Calvary Home must be relicensed through the SC Department of Social Services. Mrs. Wise arrived promptly at 10 a.m. and left before noon fully satisfied with our cottages, care for the children, and even our record keeping! Thanks Samantha for all your help in preparing for this big day!

Thursday we welcomed our friends from Concord Baptist Church (CBC) for a work day. Ruthanne, Ryan, Will, Caleb, and 70 other volunteers organized our clothes closet, spread mulch, pulled weeds, hauled limbs away, and much more. CBC has taken on the project of initially stocking and organizing our new clothes closet in the E. K. Dougherty Family Enrichment Center (aka The Admin Building). Why is this so important? Five out of the last seven children we’ve received have come to us with only a small backpack.

On Friday, Calvary Home was given the opportunity to set up a display table at the AmStar 14 Movie Theater. Whenever Tammy, AmStar’s fabulous manager, does a promotion for a new children’s movie, she gives us free tickets and invites us to promote Calvary Home. Thanks AmStar!

Not every week is quite as full as this one. But, each and every week, we see a multitude of little lives changed in big ways. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for your on-going support.