Tough and Tender

Tough . . .

Scott was both generous and gregarious. He loved video games and when he played, he was hilarious.

Scott did great at Calvary Home with his sisters and stuff, But when he realized he wasn’t in Kansas any longer, things got rough.

Scott’s parents were drug dealers and got locked up in jail, And as long as he had all of life’s freedoms, all went well.

But when Scott was expected to do more than zero, He’d have to man up and become a little hero.

When Scott didn’t get his way he pouted and cried, When he got in trouble he fumbled and lied.

Our housedad said, “Son, we love you and we really do care.” “You’ve got an opportunity here to learn if you dare.”

Family games, movies, worship and outside recreation, All were met with distinct hesitation.

Scott faced a storm that had to be sailed, And he made it, only because love so wonderfully prevailed.

Sometimes love’s got to be tough, And we know – only the true love of God will ever be enough.

Tender . . .

Well they all called her baby Heather because she was so small, She loved to jump and run but sometimes she’d still crawl.

By the age of two she had experienced trauma beyond belief, But when she came to Calvary Home she found relief.

New faces and family she did meet, But she came with an inhibition, she refused to eat.

We tried every food under the sun, But she wasn’t interested – she wanted none.

We tried chicken and green beans and mac and cheese, But she was afraid, some hot dog, please?

We tried fruits, and veggies, and jello and more, We bought nearly every treat right from the store.

She came to us famished and weak, But by love, change, we did seek.

Some time went by and she began to trust, So eating out of love now became a must.

She gained weight and her fears soon halted, That tender of love of God, may He be exalted!

That afternoon she left us, her eyes full of tears, she said, “I love you Mrs. Laura! Will I get to see ya tomorrah?”

Well Calvary Home Love must be tough and it must be tender, A little one to arms of the Savior, no one will hinder.