Growing One Step at a Time

Christian has been at CHC for over 2 years now. He arrived with 5 other siblings, some are half, some step brothers and sisters. He usually stayed in the background when I visited. Last year, we had a Valentine Party for the kids: cookie baking, crafts, dress up photo booth, and games. He put on a few costumes, acted a little silly, and then sat with me to make a Valentine for his CHC “Mom”. Although one of his sisters went to live with her biological Mom in another state, he continues to warm up to me, giving me a hug when I see him. We often talk about his favorite subject, Math. (He is doing fractions now.) The other day, when I told the kids we would have another Valentine Party, he ran back and brought me the photo that we made last week. He said, “I can’t wait to have another party, Miss Carole.” What a blessing to see our kids grow emotionally, spiritually and progress in their studies.