What a Great Place to Serve

I was in the Calvary Home office and saw houseparent Sallie Parker leaving with a handful of toys, blankets, and book bags. I asked if it was someone’s birthday. She said, “Oh, no. We are getting new kids today! I always like to make up their rooms just for them and have toys around that I think they would like. This is a very special time as they first come to Calvary Home. They need to feel welcome and loved.” Later, I was in a meeting with Greg & some board members evaluating a recent fundraiser. In popped three young heads—twins about 12 and a brother about 14. I felt a special kinship with them as soon as I saw them. We had a great conversation about their interests in basketball, registering at their new school, and the new friends they were meeting on campus. Then I got something special: hugs from these new Calvary Home kids! What a great place to serve.