The Things We Take for Granted

Sallie Parker, house mom in the Carter Cottage, called me over to show me their newly decorated tree. It was lovely. As we were looking at it, Sallie said, “You know, Carole, we take so many things for granted. The other day when we finished decorating the tree, “Cindy” (9th grader) said with tears in her eyes, ‘Oh Miss Sallie, it is so wonderful. We never had anything like this where I have ever lived. Only one time my grandmother had a small one on a table, but nothing so beautiful.’ “ (Cindy & her sister are private placements at Calvary Home. Their grandmother has custody, but now has health issues.) Calvary Home is not only blessed to be able to provide a secure home, but also loving houseparents who go out of their way to let the children know how special they are.