Just a Little Boost

With the start of school upon us, our houseparents have the opportunity to love on our new children. Our oldest boy on campus, just 13, was a little nervous about going to a new middle school after living in the same small town his whole life. His housemom was able to use money collected from the school supplies drive to take him shopping for a new, name brand backpack to give him a boost of confidence while walking in his first day.

This young man has a love for the Clemson Tigers and his housemom knew just the place to go. They went to Academy Sports and looked at the Nike backpacks marked with Clemson's logo. He was so excited to be looking at the "expensive" bags in the store that he could only window shop at before. The sales associate commented that it must be a special day. His housemom responded that he was a special young man and deserved something special.

When able, we aim to give our kids the security that they are normal and fit in with their peers. This school year we hope that our children will not be spotted and labeled as foster children, but honor students, band members, and athletes. Thank you for sharing your resources and giving them a chance to be something more this year.