Small Prayer, Big Results

Three brothers were taken from their home last month: Jabar, Jerome, and Jace. Jabar, age 14, put on a brave face as he gathered his two younger brothers into his arms and assured them that things would be okay. They each went to a different placement. Jabar prayed for his brothers to be reunited. The following morning, he was told to pack his bag because he and his 7 year old brother, Jerome, were going to Calvary Home. The young teen couldn’t believe it.

At church the following week, the housemom waited in line to pick up her little ones from children’s church at Hope Fellowship. She made small talk with the couple behind her. In the doorway, she sees Jerome with a mini version of himself, “Grandma*! This is my brother!”. The couple behind her exclaims, “You have him!? We have Jace!” As the realization settles, all three adults begin to cry. They quickly go to see Jabar and reunite all three brothers. The pastor catches wind and goes to rejoice with the families. This was no accident; God truly moves mountains for our kids.

*The kids in one cottage call their housemom “Grandma” to not have to explain that they are in foster care.

*Names of the children have been changed to protect their identity.