The Best Support System

No child wants to be in foster care, to be separated from their family and friends. But, some struggle more than most. We recently took a placement of 3 children. One of the girls is having a hard time with the adjustment emotionally and academically; this is an expected response for teens their first time in foster care.

Fortunately, she has a large support system.

There are 5 other children in her cottage who have been in foster care for at least a year or more; they understand her struggle. The youngest in the home, a 9-year-old boy, tried to encourage her. As serious as he could be, he said, "I used to be just like you. I didn't care about school. I didn't want to be away from my family. I wanted to sulk. But, Mrs. Sallie and Mr. Eugene never gave up on me. They always loved me. I thought they were playing when they said that if I didn't try in school I would have to repeat the 3rd grade. And then when the new year started and I was in the 3rd grade again, I knew I had to start to care."

Sometimes the best help for our kids can come from the kids themselves. God is making bold and powerful movements with and within our children. We could not be more grateful for the opportunity to watch them grow.