They Aren't Plastic!?

A housemom took three of the girls to her house for a “field trip”. When they arrived they were surprised at the fact that she had real drinking glasses and in so many different sizes. One girl exclaimed, “They aren’t plastic?!” Each of the girls were excited to choose their own glass to drink out of during lunch.

The housemom requested some new drinking glasses for the cottage. Two months later, God provided a donor who gave 32 new glasses. The girls were so excited to wash and set up the new glasses in the cabinets in their own home. That night at dinner one of the girls wanted to make a toast by tapping the glass with her silverware like she had seen on TV. “I feel rich”, she said. Our children need to know that they are worthy of nice things and how to take care of nice things. This example shows how a simple donation can be turned into a positive memory and experience for these kids.