Just a Baby Doll

When we say that our kids come to Calvary Home with nothing, it goes deeper than just owning physical belongings. A little girl, age 7, came to Calvary with her brother. Becca arrived with a backpack containing a few clothing items: all various sizes, worn down, and inappropriate for the cooler weather we were having that week. She had only one toy with her, a small bunny, which she put in her toy box in her new room. Our Relief Mom, Raylene, went to tuck her in one of her first nights and commented on it. Becca asked her not to touch it because she was waiting for Jesus to take it to her mom, who is currently in prison. All our kids truly love their parents, no matter what situation brought them into foster care.

The next day, Raylene, came into the office to pick up some toys for Becca. She got some stuffed animals, a baby doll, and other girly things. When Raylene handed Becca the baby doll after school, the young girl began to cry and said, “It’s beautiful! I love it, and it has blue eyes like me!” The reality at Calvary is that the impact a $10 baby doll can have on a child might be so much more than you or we could anticipate.