I Don't Live at a Group Home!

Kristy, a teenage girl, came to the office to pick up some cleaning supplies. Our kids like to avoid returning to their homework in the afternoons and will sometimes choose to spend some quality time with the office staff. Kristy was entertaining everyone with personal stories like almost being struck by lightning and talking about how much she loves her little cousin or in her words, "her baby".

We showed her the next carpentry project that she would be completing in a vocational skills class and mentioned that she could give it to her brother, who is in a group home for special needs children. Kristy said, "You know. I didn't know that I was in a group home. My brother asked if I was in a group home or a foster home and I told him a foster home. But later, I looked on the website and found out that this is a group home!" Calvary Home isn't your typical group home.

And that is our goal: for our cottages to be exactly like a foster home with mom, dad, and siblings who eat together, play together, and go to church together.