Just in Time!!

We were thrilled to receive a sibling group of 6! The largest ever in Calvary Home history. The houseparents in White Family Cottage were patiently waiting for just the right children. For three weeks, we received calls for placements that ended up falling through. Staff continued to pray for the right children to come to Calvary Home. And then, there they were. All 6 of them. If any of the previous placements had worked out, there would not have been enough room for them all to stay together. The plan that only God knew.

As the children work through the emotional rollercoaster of being removed from their home, they smile and laugh more each day. Mimi and Papa Mosley took their “little flock” out to get a Christmas tree (a task they were putting off until children arrived). The children chose a gigantic tree. The houseparents worried that it was too big. Before they knew it, they were holding hands with all the children circled around the tree to measure it! Once it arrived home, it was a perfect fit!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!