The Gift of Compassion

All of our kids love their Momma, regardless of her choices. Isaiah has not lost hope that his mother will one day make better decisions so that he can return home.

One afternoon, a family member of his houseparents who sells jewelry stopped by to make a delivery. He saw all the beautiful bracelets and necklaces that his house sisters had bought with their hard-earned money. He approached the woman and explained that he wanted to order a necklace for his mom for her birthday. Being in 4th grade and not regularly willing to do extra chores for spending money, he told her with teary eyes that he only had $3.80 to purchase the $5 necklace. The woman was filled with compassion for this little boy. She leaned down and told him that she would give him a discount and get the necklace in time for his next visit with his mom.

Every day we are amazed at the love that our kids have to offer and the love that community members pour out to them.