The Importance of Friendship

In the spirit of “brotherly” affection, Blake and Chad decided to bother a few girls and pretend to chase them on their bikes. Chad’s housedad made the wise move to diffuse the situation before the drama exploded amongst the group. Not yet used to receiving discipline, Chad did not respond well to his warning and was sent to his room to calm down. His housedad continued to talk to Blake and explained that Chad is such a smart kid, but that his attitude and anger might get him in trouble one day. Blake looked the housedad in the eye and said, “I used to be just like that.”

Chad is the 3rd teenage boy that Blake, who is almost 17, has taken under his wing while at Calvary Home. Blake has been a role model and most importantly a friend to these boys as they emotionally work through the transition of being in foster care for the first time. What a beautiful way for him to use his own experience to bless others!