Vocational Skills in Action

Over the summer, all the children took Vocational Arts classes from Terry Trotter, who recently retired from General Electric. Alexander and Darren took classes on safety, working with tools, and basic plumbing. Their new skills would soon come in handy.

After completing their homework one afternoon, they biked up to the office. They had a special mission: to help Mrs. Sallie in one of her re-decorating projects. The boys were instructed to use their new-found skills to properly measure a desk that was being moved to their cottage and figure out how it would best fit in its new home. After multiple measuring trips, they had it all figured out and Mr. Eugene drove the van to the office to pick it up. It all seems like a simple task, but these are the things that our children often miss during their childhood.

At Calvary Home, the measure of our success is seen in the lives of individual children.