You Just Never Know

We never know what kind of impact we have on a child.

New houseparents, Susie and Allen, worked tirelessly the past couple months to care for a sibling group of 6. The oldest child, Carrie, was rightfully sad and angry as she was removed from her home just 3 months shy of turning 18. She was working hard at a local fast food restaurant and had already paid her graduation dues at her previous school. She tried to make her best of her situation and stay strong for her younger siblings, but sometimes her emotions got the best of her. After many back and forth decisions about community placements for the children, they finally got the word that they were returning home to family friends!! As they packed, houseparents instructed the children to clean up their rooms and make them look nice for the next group of kids who would come to Calvary Home.

After the children left, Susie went to get the sheets off the beds to start the laundry. She found a note that Carrie left in her dresser drawer. “To the next little girl who has this room,” Susie immediately began to cry, “I know that things seem really bad right now but I promise they will get better. This is the best place that you could be right now. I have left a brand-new Bible for you. Don’t lose hope. From one foster sister to another.” Susie put the letter back in the drawer and continued preparing the cottage for the next group of children her and her husband would serve.