Hope Fellowship and Calvary Home

Each of our cottages attend and are involved in a local church. Throughout the years, we have seen how involvement in the church has changed the lives of our kids. Our White Family Cottage attends Hope Fellowship Church where the kids are involved in the youth group.

Every Wednesday night, two of the boys from the white cottage attend Hope’s youth group. The youth group is for both middle and high schoolers. While there, they play games with the other kids, worship, listen to preaching from the youth pastor, and participate in small group discussions with boys their own age and an older leader.

The boys have been making friends with the kids at the youth group and are being cared for by the adult leaders. The youth leaders are getting involved in the kids’ lives and are coming to campus and to events.

The kids are hearing exactly what they need to hear each week from the preaching on Wednesday’s. What they are learning is corresponding with their life events and the boys are able to apply the Biblical teaching to their specific journey through foster care. Also, the houseparents receive texts from the youth pastor about what was discussed at youth group each week, so they can better encourage and care for the boys. We are so blessed to have such a community that can care for our kids!