The Healing Gospel

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to save the broken hearted and the lost. Through an encounter with a child and a houseparent, we were able to see the Gospel in action.

Our children often wait for their parents to show up. To show up at home and help them with homework, to show up to work to pay the bills, and after they are taken into foster care, to show up for their scheduled family visits. One of our 7th graders waited patiently for his mom to arrive at their family visit, but she never came. He left with an attitude, understandably so, and returned to his cottage.

When he arrived back, his housedad greeted him. After hearing about what had happened, his housedad gave him a bear hug and said with compassion, “Today stunk didn’t it?”. The boy agreed.

The housedad reassured him, “You know heaven went bankrupt over you”. The boy looked at him confused. However, the housedad continued, “Jesus gave everything he had on the cross to save you. Every drop of blood was to save you. That’s how important you are.”

The boy immediately changed his demeanor. He pondered this truth the rest of the evening. The hope of the Gospel changes everything.

Romans 8:14-16