Everyone Can Serve

One of our former board members is an Accounts Manager at Duke Energy. He often calls to give food that is left over from big meetings or events at his office. The other day, he called to see if we wanted a few untouched trays of food from Mama Penn’s, a local homestyle restaurant.

A houseparent was already in the office when the food arrived. He asked his 11-year-old foster boy, “Don’t you think we should let Mrs. Sallie (the housemom next door) have all of this food? She hasn’t been feeling well the past few days and could use a break from cooking.” The boy happily agreed and the two delivered it together.

Something as simple as left-over Mama Penn’s can bring a glimpse of peace and rest to our cottages. This young boy showed a servant's heart to his neighbor, looking past his own wants and needs.