Eager to Serve

Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball.

Housedad Allen recently had to undergo an unexpected surgery. With 5 energetic boys in his home and a 10-week recovery time, he was a bit nervous about how everything was going to shake out. But once he returned home, it was evident that this curve ball was an opportunity for the family unit to be strengthened and all 5 boys quickly jumped on the chance to serve their housedad.

One boy in particular took extra care while they were at the Newberry Christmas Festival. He never left Allen’s side and pushed him around in his wheelchair for the entire evening. Another boy has become a sous chef. Over the past few months, this child has been assisting in the kitchen. Now, Allen is able to give him verbal directions to complete the task that he is temporarily unable to do.

While the boys were in school and his wife was at an appointment, Allen “escaped” up to the office and began bragging about how well the boys were serving him. All 5 of the boys are very attentive to Allen’s needs and race to see who gets to help him with everyday tasks. It is beautiful to see the children’s relationships with their housedad grow.