The Family Table

At 4:00 pm every weekday, the bus rolls onto Calvary Home’s campus. 6 teenagers stroll off the boss and into the Carter Cottage. Immediately, they take their seat at the large dining room table. Leisurely, they grab a snack and open their laptops all while discussing the day’s events.

This time together at the table is what defines them as a family.

The teens get hard at work doing their assignments and studying. Housedad Eugene writes his sermon for Sunday, and housemom Sallie plans out the rest of the family’s week before starting dinner. As homework is completed, the atmosphere changes from serious to silly as they help each other with homework, share stories, and play plenty of music.

For many children who are new to the home, structured time around the table as a family is a foreign concept. Slowly but surely, this time at the table becomes an integral part of the children’s routine, and more importantly, their concept of family. As houseparents, Eugene and Sallie, welcome new children to their home and to their table, the lives of the children are transformed.