Life Skills in Action

Have you ever closed your eyes and heard your mother's voice echoing through your mind as you navigate a situation? For one young man at Calvary Home, this voice is the voice of his housemom, Sallie Parker. Last week, Charlie was excited to take a trip to Game Stop and use the gift card he received for Christmas to purchase a new game. For many months, Ms. Sallie has been modeling for and

teaching the children in her cottage how to behave in public settings and how to properly interact with store employees. On this trip, Ms. Sallie believed Charlie, age 14, was ready to take the next step in practicing his social skills. Ms. Sallie dropped Charlie off at Game Stop, and instructed him to meet her in 15 minutes while she went into store next-door to pick up a few groceries.

When they met back at the car, Charlie told Ms. Sallie, "Even though you weren't with me in the store, I could hear you telling me what to do. I made sure I got a bag for my game so the other employees wouldn't think I was stealing it. I put my gift card back into my wallet so I wouldn't lose it, and I made certain to tell the cashier to have a great day while using the right eye contact."

Ms. Sallie was very proud of Charlie for putting into practice the life skills she and her husband are teaching him and the other children in their cottage.

While this interaction may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some, for children whose backgrounds involve neglect and trauma, even accomplishing simple tasks can be huge victories. For many children in foster care, healthy relationships with adults who can teach them basic life skills have been lacking. At Calvary Home, we believe that in order for the kids on our campus to become successful adults in our community, they must have healthy relationships with adults who are willing to teach and model life skills for them. We are so thankful for the houseparents who invest time and effort into teaching the kids, and we celebrate successes like Charlie's. Who can you invest in today?