Thinking Outside the Cubicle

As a non-profit, Calvary Home relies on donations from the community to keep its doors open. Last week, Tammy and Joe from the local hospital dropped by with a donation. They had conducted an office fundraiser, and had raised over $150. When I asked what kind of fundraiser they held, both hospital employees chuckled. Their fundraiser was a bit out of the box, or perhaps better stated, outside the cubicle.

Since their office is full cubicles, some employees choose to build a roof for the cubicle to make it feel more like home. One employee, Ann, is about be leave the hospital to take a different job. The office chose to have a raffle drawing for her roof, and then then direct the proceeds to the charity of Ann’s choice, which happened to be Calvary Home. This fun, out-of-the-box fundraiser made everyone at Calvary Home smile. It just goes to show, a little creativity can make a big difference.

P.S. The gentleman who won the roof did not actually want it, he just wanted to help support Calvary Home. So he in turn gave it to Tammy - a win-win for all!