Summertime at Calvary Home

Summertime is in full swing at Calvary Home for Children! Here at Calvary Home, we make sure each child gets to experience the best things summertime has to offer.



Sleeping in.

Field trips.

Ice cream.


Playing Outside.

Fresh fruits & veggies.




While these classic American summer activities are important, Calvary Home strives to provide opportunities for the children to continue learning and growing throughout the summer. A few of those opportunities include:


Life Skills Classes.

Working on Campus.


Off campus jobs.

Needless to say, summer is a very busy time for our houseparents. Additionally, there are unique needs summertime brings, with the children being out of school. Since the children are home all day, the grocery expenses grow exponentially. As one housemom has stated, "They are eating us out of the house!" Having the children home all day also makes it more challenging for houseparents to get a break. There are two major ways the community can help us address these needs this summer. First, donate food items (cereal and snack items being the greatest needs). Second, donate gift cards for restaurants and activities. Our summer interns use these gift cards to take the children out on fun outings, which in turn gives the houseparents a break for an hour or two.

We hope your summer is as fun as ours is!