Why Teach Vocational Arts?

The countdown back to school has begun! With children returning to school next week, today concludes our summer vocational arts series. This summer, the children of Calvary Home have learned the basics of plumbing, electrical work, painting, woodworking, car maintenance, and budgeting. Each week, Mr. Terry (our trusty maintenance guy) provided a hands on lesson to help the children learn basic but important skills for life. Calvary Home believes it is important to teach vocational arts for five reasons:

1. Vocational arts equips the children for independence - Having basic hands-on knowledge about household systems is foundational for living as an independent adult. The children learn skills like turning the water off under the sink, checking the oil in the car, and how to check the breaker box when a fuse is blown.

2. Vocational arts provides hands-on learning - While school is not in session, it is important for the children to continue learning throughout the summer. Working with their hands requires them to use the academic knowledge they have learned at school, such as using their math skills to measure a board or balance their budget.

3. Vocational arts provides a safe environment - Learning in a controlled, supervised setting helps children learn how to operate tools and equipment safely.

4. Vocational arts leads to career & hobby exploration - Providing vocational arts classes allows the children to realize skills and talents they may not have otherwise realized they possessed. These skills and talents could help a child narrow down future career interests and opportunities.

5. Vocational arts challenges children to try new things- Trying new things can be scary for some children. So when they conquer their fear of the saw, or their fear of failure, a new confidence is developed. This confidence will carry with them long after their time at Calvary Home.