The Power of Positive Connection

Every weekend at Calvary Home for Children, our foster parents and children load up and attend church as a family unit. This past weekend was no different except that this weekend, a major connection occurred with one of our foster dads and a child in his home.

Foster dad, Jim, was worshipping at Capstone Church and he became overwhelmed with God’s goodness and glory. He started to become emotional and tears rolled down his face. He continued to worship and suddenly he felt an arm come around him. The young man in his home saw Jim crying and decided to comfort him right there in the church pew. Jim looked over at the young man’s face; he was genuinely concerned for his foster dad and wanted to comfort him, and he didn’t care who was around to see. Jim stated that it was a precious moment where no words were spoken but so much was said between the two of them.

It continues to amaze us how God put us here to minister to these vulnerable children but during their time at Calvary Home, these children learn to minister to others as well. This young man may never know the power of healing, comfort and joy that his hug brought to Jim, but we know that Mr. Jim will forever cherish that moment during Sunday’s worship session.