The Mother of all Invention

Mazzara Cottage considers itself to be the "fun house." Foster parents Rick and Peggy are always on the go, looking for activities they can do with the children in their home. This cottage has done everything from Disney World to the Titanic Museum. One of their favorite pastimes is taking the children to the movies, especially when a new Marvel movie is coming out. With COVID-19 knocking out any opportunities for activities outside the cottage, Rick and Peggy got creative. As the old adage goes, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." One Saturday evening, the Webbs set up an outdoor movie in the back yard. With plenty of blankets, and much excitement, the children circled chairs up around the projector screen and enjoyed the makeshift theatre. Peggy provided popcorn, and as a very special treat, she made ice cream floats for everyone.

Other cottages are doing similar things. Carter Cottage looks forward every year to spending Spring Break in Pigeon Forge, TN. For three of the children, this would have been their first Spring Break Trip with the cottage. When COVID-19 made this trip no longer possible, Eugene and Sallie decided that the children still needed something to look forward to. As I write this post, I can see through my window the children from that cottage setting up a "Spring Break Party" in the front yard. Though the food will be limited to what the cottage has on hand, with a little creativity, imagination, and child-like joy, the Carter Cottage will take full advantage of this time together as a family.

We are so thankful for our foster families who have taken the challenges of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders in stride. They continue to pour out themselves for the children in their homes, and make the most of a challenging situation.