Fabulous Friday Fun Day

Like the rest of the world, for the last three months each of the families on our campus have been practicing social distancing. Our cottages have reduced contact with both the outside world, and the other Calvary Home cottages. Our campus, which normally functions as a village, was forced to draw boundaries.This has been hardest on the children, who just wanted to go outside and play with their friends from across the street.

As South Carolina has begun to open up, houseparents have begun allowing the children to increase their contact with the neighboring cottages. What started as a garage clean out on Friday morning turned into "Fabulous Friday Fun Day" with each cottage participating. As foster mom Raylene was cleaning out the garage, she discovered many different yard games. She encouraged her kids to set them up in the shade of the front yard. Before she knew it, each cottage on campus was providing a different station and "Fabulous Friday Fun Day" was born. Carter Cottage provided a manicure station for all the girls on campus. Mazzara Cottage provided a campfire, s'mores, and an outdoor movie once the sun set. Every child on campus spent all day playing outside and enjoying the sweet freedom of summertime.

In a time of unknowns, stress and unrest, "Fabulous Friday Fun Day" was a positive reminder that unity, spontaneity, and creativity can still be found in unexpected ways and places.