Back To School Makeover

Much like the New Year, each new school year brings about the opportunity for a new beginning. This year, several young ladies on our campus are entering high school for the first time. As summer break drew to an end, one young lady, Jessica, began to think about how she wanted to present herself in this new school. Jessica's default wardrobe of choice is leggings, over-sized t-shirts, and slides. But Jessica realized she wanted to put her best foot forward in the new school year. When she expressed this to the Community Development Director of Calvary Home, Mrs. Laura jumped into action. With the help of a local salon, Jessica was able to get a new hair style. After the hair appointment, Mrs. Laura took Jessica shopping for cute, but comfortable, clothes that Jessica could wear with satisfaction and dignity. This shopping experience was a moment of learning a new life skill- how to put together an affordable wardrobe that is comfortable but classy. Jessica is now excited to enter high school with a fresh start.

Teenage girls are not the only ones experiencing makeovers for the new school year though. Our cottages are receiving makeovers too. One of the foster mom's decided to set up a "school station" in the garage, to hopefully help keep the transfer of germs between school and home to a minimum. Through a lot of hard work and elbow grease, the wall has now been painted, carpet laid, and hooks hung. Now the children have a station where they can take off their shoes, hang up their book bags, and sanitize their hands before entering the house. And the best part is, the beautiful carpet you see in the picture was a $25.00 thrift store find! While the carpet was certainly a want, not a need, we are thankful for the Lord's gracious and clear provision of it. Everyone is now ready for the school year to start!

What are you doing to get ready for the new school year?