Board Games and Life Lessons

Our campus respite caregiver had a great learning opportunity this week with some of the kids on campus. She took a minute to tell us all about it:

"Chutes and Ladders presented a great teaching moment tonight as one of the girls showed some pretty unpleasant sore loser and sore winner characteristics depending on where she landed on the board.

"I was able to talk to her about how it doesn't matter who wins or loses. That what's important is who we're playing with and if were having fun! We pretended that the Ladders were God, always lifting us up, while the chutes represented Satan, constantly trying to bring us down.

"With winning off of her mind and a few gentle reminders over the course of the hour long game her attitude began to change. Finally, when another player won, she yelled in excitement and congratulated her...even when she came in last place!"