Friday Night Lights

For many teenage boys, playing football is a right of passage. It is an opportunity for competition, letting of steam, and learning valuable life lessons such as diligence, cooperation with a team, and sportsmanship. For sixteen-year-old Kendrick, playing football has been a goal of his ever since he arrived at Calvary Home a year ago.

Last Friday night was Kendrick's second game of the season. As I settled into the stands before the game, more and more people I knew came up to sit with me. They were all there to support Kendrick. His foster dad, his mentor, his youth pastor, families from church, his mom, his sister, and other friends from the community he has built at Calvary Home gave up their Friday night plans to support him from the stands. As I looked around, I was overwhelmed to see all the families represented. In total, I counted 18 people there just to support Kendrick.

When a person is insulated by family, church family, and community members, they are less likely to fall through the societal cracks. Who are the at-risk people in your life that you can support? Sometimes it is as easy as simply showing up.