Replacing Lies With Truth

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32

Every Monday after school, a group of teenage girls from Calvary Home pile into "The Upper Room" in the Vocational Arts Center with their Bibles and books. After grabbing a quick snack, the group dives into their Lies Young Women Believe Study.

This study is geared towards helping teenage girls identify the lies they are believing about themselves, others, and God and helps them replace the lies with truth. Freedom can only be found by living in the truth.

We address lies such as:

"God is just like my father."

"I have to perform to be loved."

"I need a boyfriend."

"What I do now does not affect the future."

Usually, through discussion, addressing one of these lies leads to the discovery of other lies they are believing. One lie that came up recently was, "I can't forgive because forgiveness means allowing a person who has hurt me back into my life."

This type of formal instruction is not the only way Calvary Home strives to teach truth to the children on our campus. Many children come to Calvary Home believing the lie that their situations prior to foster care are the only way to live. Through daily living, children learn truth. Children are taught that they do not have to live in deplorable conditions. Through the interactions of foster parents, children learn that adults who love one another can disagree without using violence or foul language.

Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to counter lies with truth!