Sharing The Easter Story

Sunni has been a frequent visitor to the office at Calvary Home lately due to her consistent tutoring and counseling appointments. Each time she visits the office, she goes around to each office staff and asks about their day and what’s new in their lives. It’s a sweet moment for us to speak positively and encourage her throughout her week. Personally, it’s as much of a blessing to me as I hope it is to her.

Often, as an ‘office staff’ I get caught up in the business of working in a non-profit, and it’s easy to forget that we are first and foremost a ministry caring for children. This week, I was reminded of our true mission as believers; to share the gospel of Christ with our community and make disciples of all nations.

Here is how the Lord gave me an opportunity to pivot the conversation to the true meaning of Easter.

Sunni saw all the Easter baskets sitting on the table at the office and asked, “Are any of those baskets for me?”

I laughed and told her that she would have to wait until Easter to see.

She replied, “Well, how many more days away is that?”

“Easter is in two Sundays. It’s the Sunday at the end of your spring break, right before you go back to school. Sunni, do you know what Easter is all about?”

Sunni looked at me confused. “I guess it’s about bunnies, chocolate and hiding eggs.”

I knew my reply had to be gentle and loving so it didn't sound dismissive. I said, “Sunni, Easter is one of the most amazing days of the whole year. Easter is the day we celebrate that Jesus is alive! Jesus paid for our sins by dying on the cross for us even though He was innocent.”

Of course, this is a complicated concept for a nine-year-old, so I explained to her that I know it’s hard to fully understand, but that’s what makes it amazing and special. I asked her to imagine that she has just committed the worst crime she can imagine, and she was standing in the court room getting ready to be sentenced.

She closed her eyes and thought for a minute, then said “Okay. I’ve got it.”

Then I went on asking her to imagine that the judge is just getting ready to give her the worst punishment she can ever imagine when someone busts through the back door of the court room and shouts, “NO! I’ll pay her fine. I’ll take her spot. I’ll take her punishment.”

Sunni’s eyes popped open and said “No way, why would anyone do that?”

My single response to her was “Love, Sunni. God loves you so much that Jesus died on that cross for you. Even if you were the only one on the planet, He would have done that for just you. But on Easter we can celebrate that even though He died for us, He also came back from death and conquered it all. That’s pretty amazing and way cooler than chocolate bunnies.”