Through the Eyes of an Intern

As an after-school tutor and Calvary intern, a lot of my time is spent hanging out with the several of the Calvary kids and helping them with schoolwork. Whether that is drawing with sidewalk chalk, practicing spelling words or helping a student work out a math problem. It is so sweet to be able to see them grow, learn and experience the love of Christ from their families and the staff. In the few weeks I have been here, the students I tutor have come such a long way and I am so excited to see how much further they go. They genuinely seem excited to learn and I can see the positive change in them when they learn a new skill.

My internship at Calvary has allowed me to experience first-hand the incredible mission that is taking place here. As part of my major at Anderson University, I am required to have an internship. I chose Calvary Home because of its Christian values, and small workplace which allows me to feel more connected to the staff and the organization. Calvary Home is a special place where children receive life transformation through the love and hope of Jesus Christ. The Lord has given me a passion to care for foster children, and I am so grateful I am able to live it out at Calvary Home. Along with

tutoring, most of my time is spent accomplishing different tasks around the office and learning about the different functions of Calvary and the foster care system as a whole. I will be here the rest of the spring semester so please come say hi and I would love to share about how much I love Calvary Home!

- Katie Meyers